What is shock wave recycling?

Was ist Schockwellenrecycling?

In Germany, the shock wave or electro-hydraulic fragmentation is currently only being used to a limited extent. It should be regarded as a type of pulsed power technology, which represents a largely new technology in Germany. Previous applications at research institutes were limited mostly to the homogeneous fragmentation of old concrete. Commercial applications exist in the form of extracorporeal shock wave therapy ("lithotripsy"), sheet metal forming or sand removal from sand mold parts in the casting industry.

Selective electrohydraulic fragmentation process (EHF) of ImpulsTec

The material-selective electrohydraulic fragmentation process developed by ImpulsTec GmbH uses mechanical shock waves generated within a fluid medium to fragment materials. The shock waves are generated using an electrohydraulic mechanism to ignite a brief, intensive electric arc between two electrodes.

Advantages of shock wave technology

IMPULSTEC Vorteile der Schockwellentechnologie

Applications of the shock wave fragmentation developed by ImpulsTec GmbH benefit from the following characteristic advantages:

  • high separation selectivity based on material-specific fragmentation effects
  • contact-free and therefore low-contamination fragmentation process
  • no fine dust due to working with an process fluid
  • high level of automation enable operation without additional qualifications
  • Simple adaptation to customer-specific applications
  • robust, scalable technology usable in industrial environments with voltages <50 kV
  • possibility of specific energy adjustments for each target material
IMPULSTEC Technologie: Selektive Zerlegung eines Mobiltelefons

Selective disassembly of a mobile phone

IMPULSTEC Bedienerfreundliche Schockwellenanlage EHF400

Industrial shock wave fragmentation system EHF400


  • New home in Radebeul
  • Publication on processing of metallurgical slags
  • Environmental Award 2016 for Fraunhofer Project Group