Product series EHF400

Produktfamilie EHF400

Technical features

By default, EHF 400 shock wave systems are equipped with a mobile multi-electrode system.This enables individual adjustment of the electrode distance in the fragmentation process, thus keeping the process stable and efficient throughout the whole fragmentation procedure. During operation, a voltage of between 30 and 50 kV can be specified, as well as a pulse frequency of between 1 and 10 Hz, providing highly flexible fragmentation intensities.

A monitored multi-level safety system ensures protection for personnel and equipment at all times.

IMPULSTEC Schockwellenanlagen EHF 400

IMPULSTEC EHF 400, dimensions (H x B x T) ca.2900x2600x2600mm

Machine area with an automatic clamping and lifting system

The fragmentation vessel can be automatically picked up from the trolley with a lifting system and transferred to the vessel cover. Exact positioning is ensured and monitored by the system control with special sensors. A clamping device then presses the fragmentation vessel onto the cover and securely clamps it in the operating position. This automatic lifting and clamping device reduces manual labor and error rate during operation to a minimum.

IMPULSTEC EHF 400, Hubsystem

IMPULSTEC EHF 400, lifting device

Control system with integrated process control and monitoring

The process control system based on a PLC and a touchscreen interface enables individual adjustment of the fragmentation parameters for the material or separation requirements and makes it easy to change the process variables. This eliminates the need for specialist qualifications for the operating personnel. Data records with fragmentation parameters for specific materials can be independently stored in the control system by the operator.

IMPULSTEC EHF 400, Bedienpanel

IMPULSTEC EHF 400: touch panel

Applicable with various types of vessels

EHF 400 shock wave systems can be operated with various types of fragmentation vessel. The system can be adapted to a continuously operated vessel with material input and output feeds. Since it uses a fluid process medium (e.g. water), the system is free of dust during operation.

IMPULSTEC Schockwellenanlagen EHF 400

IMPULSTEC EHF 400: fragmentation vessel


Throughputs industrial shock wave system EHF 400

The industrial EHF 400 shock wave systems can achieve the following throughputs:



Mobile phones

75-125 kg/h

Printed circuit boards

50-150 kg/h

Solar panels

75-200 kg/h

Semiconductor materials

100-300 kg/h

Metal slags

200-400 kg/h


Material-specific applications

ImpulsTec GmbH has also developed and implemented a number of material-specific applications over the last few years, such as:

  • fragmentation vessels for an efficient treatment of ceramic-metal compounds
  • continuous vessels for treatment of silicon and battery materials
  • continuous vessels for fragmentation of high-purity materials
  • application for recycling of carbon-fibre composites
  • continuous recycling process for solar panels
  • fragmentation vessel for continuous treatment of metal slags and rocks


  • New home in Radebeul
  • Publication on processing of metallurgical slags
  • Environmental Award 2016 for Fraunhofer Project Group