Product portfolio

IMPULSTEC Produktportfolio

In recent years, ImpulsTec realized the transition of their shock wave fragmentation processes from the laboratory scale to industrial production. The goal of ImpulsTec is to perfect this technology and successfully offer it on the market. Besides manufacturing and marketing shock wave systems for material fragmentation and recycling, our goal as a high-tech company is to offer our customers a range of services to support these systems, such as process development for customer-specified materials, or on-demand fragmentation of large batches of materials for a feasibility study.

Product series EHF400

Produktfamilie EHF400

Technical features

By default, EHF 400 shock wave systems are equipped with a mobile multi-electrode system.This enables individual adjustment of the electrode distance in the fragmentation process, thus keeping the process stable and efficient throughout the whole fragmentation procedure. During operation, a voltage of between 30 and 50 kV can be specified, as well as a pulse frequency of between 1 and 10 Hz, providing highly flexible fragmentation intensities.


  • New home in Radebeul
  • Publication on processing of metallurgical slags
  • Environmental Award 2016 for Fraunhofer Project Group