Treatment of li-ion batteries

IMPULSTEC Li-Ionen Batterien

The shock wave fragmentation process marketed by ImpulsTec can also be used to treat devices containing hazardous industrial materials into their individual components, so that the valuable substances can be separated from the hazardous parts and recovered. This suggests a variety of possible applications of shock wave technology to improve the efficiency of existing processes or develop entirely new recycling approaches. Since the process is conducted within a fluid fragmentation medium, Li-ion battery cells for example can be safely dismantled, which makes it a functional recycling of the recovered battery materials as well as material based recycling of the components themselves possible. The shock wave process can also be used to carefully dismantle assemblies containing hazardous substances so that the hazardous and non-hazardous substances can subsequently be processed separately.


Advantages for applications

  • passivation of hazardous materials within the fragmentation fluid
  • safe dismantling of hazardous industrial materials
  • opportunities to efficiently utilize the separated components
  • removal of dangerous materials from devices and components

Li-ion batteries


  • New home in Radebeul
  • Publication on processing of metallurgical slags
  • Environmental Award 2016 for Fraunhofer Project Group