Recycling of electrical equipment

IMPULSTEC Elektroger├Ąterecycling

The shock wave technology enables a highly selective separation of electrical or electronic devices at their mechanical weak points, thus enabling selective disassembly into individual components. Disassembling complex assemblies creates new recycling options for the separated materials and detached electronic parts.

ImpulsTec’s fragmentation systems can be used for disassembly of complex devices such as mobile phones and laptops into components, for detaching of electronic components from printed circuit boards and the separation of components such as processors and tantalum capacitors into their different materials.

Because of the homogeneous energy input to the target device with shock waves the components break up at their mechanical weak points, which are typically joints and interfaces between different materials. This allows electronic equipment to be almost perfectly separated into their main components, such as frame parts, printed circuit boards, and other plastic or metal pieces.

Advantages for applications

  • separation into precious metal components and non-precious metal components
  • concentration of precious metals for improved recycling (higher recovery rates)
  • reduction of processing costs for thermal recycling (savings, processing costs, etc.)
  • reduction of precious metal losses by means of the non-contact fragmentation process
  • access to previously unavailable raw material potential (tantalum)
  • removal of dangerous materials from devices and components

IMPULSTEC Elektronikschrottrecycling

Disassembly of a mobile phone with shock wave process


Printed circuit boards

Tantalum capacitors


  • New home in Radebeul
  • Publication on processing of metallurgical slags
  • Environmental Award 2016 for Fraunhofer Project Group